Highly Accurate and Secure Voice Biometrics from Li Creative Technologies

FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY (September 8, 2014) – Li Creative Technologies (LcT) announces voice biometrics software with several unique features which achieves almost 100% accuracy. The software solves three major concerns with using voice as a biometric: (1) voice can be recorded by an imposter; (2) the legitimate user may be rejected due to a change in their voice; and (3) background noise.

LcT has invented anti-recording technology which prevents an imposter from gaining unauthorized access with a recorded passphrase. The user utters a voice passphrase just once to enroll, and the passphrase can be changed at any time. When a user's voice has changed, for example due to strained vocal cords, the user simply re-enrolls their passphrase. The software is robust to background noise. LcT has patented several technologies to support this feature, including auditory-based models, dual-microphone array, and noise cancellation and reduction. Finally, the software is language independent, which means the user can utter a passphrase in any language.

“Having worked in voice authentication for 20 years, this is the best solution I have been involved with in terms of accuracy, noise robustness, security, and user friendliness,” said Qi (Peter) Li, Ph.D., President of LcT and former Bell Labs scientist. Dr. Li is also author of the well-received book Speaker Authentication.

In a database evaluation with 100 subjects, the software achieved almost 100% accuracy with a false rejection rate of 0.0% and false acceptance rate of 0.00091%. The software is ready for licensing to mobile device manufacturers, financial institutions, solution providers, and mobile chip manufacturers. The software can provide a biometric solution to any application, including hands-free, which requires strong user authentication. The software can be packaged as an app or cloud engine. One working app is to use voice to lock/unlock an Android smartphone.

About Li Creative Technologies

Li Creative Technologies (LcT), Inc., located in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA, is an innovator in audio, speech, and biometric solutions. Established in 2002 by former Bell Labs scientists, LcT licenses and sells technology, software, design, and product solutions to the mobile, communications, e-commerce, healthcare, video conference, and transportation industries. LcT is a winner of the 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. www.licreative.com.