Hands-Free Voice Interaction for Home Automation from Li Creative Technologies

FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY (Apr. 23, 2015) – Li Creative Technologies (LcT) announces a new product solution to support completely hands-free home automation. A user utters voice commands from 4 meters away from a smart home device or control panel, and our solution reduces background noise; cancels sound from a home entertainment system; and outputs clean speech for speech recognition. The user does not need to speak directly into a remote or mobile device. Consequently, a user can control lighting, appliances, entertainment, security, or other smart home functions through voice command with high accuracy despite noisy conditions and sounds from a home entertainment system.

LcT offers two product solutions for TV, set-top box, and control panel makers, speech solution providers, and home automation integrators: (1) a low cost, plug-and-play PCB module to replace the traditional audio codec unit. Customers do not need to do any hardware or software work. (2) ARM or DSP based software for a customer’s hardware platform. Business customers are encouraged to contact LcT for real-time demos and implementation.

“Our technology enables voice interaction between users and smart home devices. We are providing a new and better experience for the smart home and Internet of Things," said Q. Peter Li, Ph.D., President of LcT and former Bell Labs scientist.

The technology significantly improves speech recognition accuracy and robustness. In an evaluation with loud TV sound, an industry-leading speech recognition software failed to recognize a single spoken word. When used with our front-end solution, the software achieved over 90% word recognition accuracy.

Our solution also enables video conference, speakerphone, voice search, and information query. In addition, LcT provides a voice biometric solution for access control and security.

About Li Creative Technologies
Li Creative Technologies (LcT), Inc., located in Florham Park, New Jersey, USA, is an innovator in audio, speech, and biometric solutions. Established in 2002 by former Bell Labs scientists, LcT licenses and sells technology, software, design, and product solutions to the TV, mobile, communications, e-commerce, and home automation industries. LcT is a winner of the 2011 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award. For further information, please visit www.licreative.com.