Li Creative Technologies Announces New Book on Speaker Authentication

FLORHAM PARK, NJ (Mar. 1, 2012) – Li Creative Technologies (LcT) is pleased to announce the publication of a new reference book on speaker authentication.

Speaker Authentication, by Qi (Peter) Li, PhD, president and founder of LcT, provides a thorough introduction to the state of the art in speaker authentication. The book covers all voice-related authentication techniques, including speaker recognition, speaker verification, and verbal information verification. Special attention is given to topics related to improving overall system performance, such as robust endpoint detection, fast discriminative training theory and algorithms, detection-based decoding, and sequential authentication. The book is intended to serve as a useful reference for researchers in the field and engineers building or supporting deployed systems.

A well-known leader in the speech and speaker recognition field, Dr. Li established LcT in 2002 after a distinguished career at Bell Labs. As a Member of Technical Staff in the Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory, he was instrumental in the development of the Bell Labs speaker recognition system. Dr. Li has continued his research on speech and speaker recognition at LcT where he has led the company’s engineers to deliver state of the art speaker identification and biometric systems to the U.S Air Force, US. Army, and U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Dr. Li is an elected member of the Speech and Language Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. For more information on the book, including how to order, please visit the publisher’s website:

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