CrispMic® USB Array Microphone


A highly directional, USB plug and play array microphone that provides crisp, clear, noise-reduced speech. LcT's CrispMic® is available for purchase through

"The microphone of choice for

Skype® users."


"Better speech recognition

accuracy in noisy areas."

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  • 4-sensor microphone array
  • Advanced audio signal processing technologies implemented in built-in DSP
  • Fixed beam forming for background noise suppression and speech enhancement
  • Dynamic noise reduction for speech enhancement
  • Dual operational modes for compatibility with Nuance® and other speech recognition software
  • USB plug and play


  • Skype® and VoIP communications in noisy environments
  • Improved speech recognition performance in noisy environments
  • Communications in noisy environments
  • Recording sound in noisy environments


  • Blue Light On: Optimized for speech recognition software
  • Blue Light Off: Optimized for speech communications in noisy environments


  • USB 2.0


  • 200Hz to 8000Hz

Size and Weight:

  • 3.8 x 1.1 x 0.6 inches
  • 3.2 oz.

Download User Guide.