Intelligent, Far-field Microphone Array for Smartphones


Li Creative Technologies (LCT) has developed intelligent, far-field microphone arrays for smartphones. Our advanced auditory-based, AI, and DSP algorithms suppress background noise, enhance speech intelligibility, and improve recognition accuracy.

Side-by-side-recording from 2 meters away

  • LCT far-field microphone array
  • Leading smartphone
  • Compare noise levels

Products & Services

  • One-stop solution for far-field mic array, acoustic, wakeup, and robust ASR needs for smartphones.
  • Real-time embedded software, algorithm optimization, microphone array design, product customization, and/or support.


  • Design: 2 or 4 sensor microphone array.
  • Microphones: Highly sensitive, MEMS digital microphones or existing microphones.
  • Algorithms: Dynamic beam forming, wakeup, embedded ASR, adaptive noise reduction, wind noise reduction, sound source localization, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), TV sound cancellation with or without AEC, and speaker and speech recognition.
  • Software: Real time, port to any smartphone.
  • Sound capture: Up to 5 meters.
  • ASR accuracy: >95% at 4 meters away with background noise.


  • Clean voice communications in noisy environments
  • Far-field recording
  • Use as a conference phone
  • Wakeup
  • Recognize different voices
  • Information query
  • Voice search
  • Robust speech recognition


  • Auditory based models and algorithms
  • Far-field sound capture
  • Dynamic beam forming
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Sound source localization
  • Noise cancellation
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Sensitive MEMS digital microphone

Download Datasheet.