Custom Machine Translation


LCT has developed domain-specific Custom Machine Translation (CMT) solutions. Our domain-specific CMT engines achieve significantly better translation accuracy than generic translation software. As an example of our translators’ superior performance, on a group of technical documents in French provided by one of our customers, our translator achieved a sentence error rate (SER) of less than 10% compared to an SER of 30% by one of the leading generic translators on the market.

Our translator also received similar performance on another group of documents in Chinese. The SER means that if the translated meaning is wrong, the entire sentence is wrong. The SER is determined by human translators to ensure the best translation accuracy.


LCT can develop custom solutions for any language in any domain or industry, such as ecommerce, legal, financial, medical, IT, transportation, energy, oil & gas, or education. With customer-provided text in any domain in any language, LCT can build a domain-specific translator for the customer which includes translation API or App. We can also provide other platforms or services as needed.


For a free quote or evaluation, please email your task description to admin[at] from your company or organizational email address.