DEMO -- CrispMic®–Stereo Microphone

Background: LcT's CrispMic®–Stereo Microphone supports stereo recording, video conferencing, and web conferencing. In this demo, we recorded a three-way conversation in a typical office environment simultaneously with (a) a traditional single microphone and (b) our stereo microphone array. The talkers were situated to the left, right, and center of the microphones. [Read More]

: Compare the sound quality of a single microphone to LcT's stereo microphone array. Click on the icons below to listen to each audio file (in .wav format). For stereo effect, please use two speakers with stereo output (or headphones).

3 dB SNR
single microphone
CrispMic - Stereo

(a) (b)

Speech recorded in a mid-sized office conference room simultaneously with (a) single microphone,
and (b) LcT’s CrispMic - Stereo microphone.