Robust Voice Recorder


LcT has developed a voice recorder that captures sound in high-noise environments. The recorder has 4 microphones and a DSP chip with advanced audio technologies. It’s ruggedized, handheld form factor and user-friendly interface make it ideal for use in a variety of acoustically challenging environments, such as in factories, warehouses, transportation hubs, hospitals, and schools [Listen to Demo]


  • Robust speech capture at a distance in any orientation
  • 4-sensor microphone array
  • Speech enhancement and noise reduction
  • Up to 15 dB SNR improvement
  • State-of-the-art DSP
  • Recorded audio data time-stamped
  • Ruggedized, handheld form factor
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Recording speech in high-noise environments
  • Factories / warehouses / transportation hubs
  • Hospitals / ambulances
  • Meeting recording
  • Discussion groups
  • Personal organization
  • Business documentation
  • Security / intelligence
  • first response documentation

Download Datasheet.