Microphone Arrays
LcT has developed a family of audio products including:
  • VoiceFocus: 8-sensor microphone array conference phone
  • CrispMic-Stereo: 4-sensor stereo microphone array with USB interface
  • CrispMic: 4-sensor microphone array with USB interface

VoiceFocus® Conference Phone


An all-in-one conference phone with 8-sensor circular microphone array; four loudspeakers; cutting-edge DSP; and multiple interfaces (Bluetooth, USB 2.0, audio line in, and traditional landline) for large conference room use, cell phone-to-conference phone conversion, handsfree chat, and music playing. VoiceFocus® is an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Awards honoree.



  • 8-sensor circular microphone array
  • 4 loudspeakers, adjustable to 20W
  • Sound source localizer for speaker tracking
  • Adaptive beam forming for background noise suppression and speech enhancement
  • Echo cancellation for full duplex conversation
  • Dynamic noise reduction for speech enhancement
  • Automatic gain control for distance talking


  • Conference calls in large conference rooms
  • Hands-free chat with cell phone or VoIP software
  • Serving as a loudspeaker with MP3 player or computer
  • Convert wireless phone to conference phone
  • Communicating in noisy environments


  • On-Hook/Off-Hook
  • Mute
  • Hold
  • Bluetooth


  • USB 2.0 Plug and Play Bluetooth
  • Audio line in
  • Landline telephone

Base Keys:

  • On-Hook/Off-Hook
  • Mute
  • Hold
  • Bluetooth
  • Volume Up/Volume Down
  • Adjust clock hours/minutes

Size and Weight:

  • 6" diameter x 2.5" height
  • 1.5 lbs.

Download Datasheet.